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VCPPOA has a membership base of over 300 County of Ventura employees. Our Association represents Deputy Probation Officers; Senior Deputy Probation Officers; Corrections Services Officers; Harbor Patrol Officers; Airport Operations Officers; and Park Rangers.

The VCPPOA Board of Directors is comprised of:

Rogelio Cruz, President

Richard Gallarza
, Vice-President

Renee Dagan,

Joanne Barron
, Treasurer

Marco Flores,
DPO Representative

Kris Acebo
, DPO Representative

Rylan Chieruzzi
, CSO Representative

Matthew Breslin
, CSO Representative

Dan Smock
, Patrol Officers Representative

All members of the Association are eligible for long term disability (LTD) insurance and are covered by PORAC’s legal defense fund, benefits which are not available through the County of Ventura. VCPPOA involves itself in many groups responsible for the betterment of our profession, such as PORAC, SCOPO, POAVC, and the Ventura County Coalition of Unions.

In addition to the representation of our members, VCPPOA is proud to be able to give back to our community through the Association’s Charitable Foundation. Over the years, VCPPOA has directly donated to the following organizations: VCPPOA’s Fallen Officer’s Fund, Food Share of Ventura County, Boys and Girls Clubs, Children’s Services Auxiliary (Spark of Love Program), Meals on Wheels, Ventura County Search & Rescue, Medal of Valor Awards, children’s little leagues and softball leagues, as well as many, many others. Without the public’s generous donations to our Charitable Foundation, VCPPOA would not be able to give back to our community as much as we do.

In recent years, the public has been mislead by politicians and media outlets about how public employee unions are bankrupting our Country because of generous salaries, benefits and pensions. The fact is; the majority of the public believes that law enforcement personnel do not get paid enough for what we do for a living, given that we deal with the criminal element day in and day out. While we do not produce a product like most companies do, we do provide a invaluable service to our communities; a service that involves long, sometimes unusual, hours, life-threatening situations and environments, restraining and handling combative subjects, and being subjected to some of the worst verbal abuse imaginable. With that said, our system is not perfect. It can certainly use some improvement. However, the law enforcement profession needs the public’s support now more than ever. Changes are being made by politicians that put our communities and our lives at risk, especially in California. All we ask is that you properly educate yourself about the issues prior to voting for any measures that negatively impact our profession. VCPPOA appreciates your support!

Ventura County Professional Peace Officers' Association

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